So, what did it take to start from scratch and open a restaurant in Vienna. Well, little to say it took some courage. We trusted our gut feeling and did what we know the best, grilled some good fish.

It was in 2003 when the doors of Pescaria Konoba (meaning fish market) were officially opened by Goran (my husband), Jele and Svabo (his parents). The fish is fresh, delivered daily from Croatia, ingredients mostly locally grown, the best we can get. And most importantly, not that we brag, we have the best guests you can imagine.

How did you decide on opening a restaurant in Vienna?

This Is a question my family gets a lot.

Well, it was not easy for them to find their way in big city, such as Vienna is. Working long hours, having child in school, not seeing him, was not so easy. There was also a language barrier, and the fact that as a foreigner you are always left behind the locals in everything you do or job you apply for (at least in the early 90’s).

Driven by desire to make something out of their lives, be successful, Jele, Svabo and Goran decided it was best if they did it on their own. And this is how the idea was born. They wanted to show people where they come from, and whats better way to do it, but trough good food. Finally, after few years of hard work (and I mean very hard), after receiving Gault Millau prize, Pescaria Konoba was listed among best restaurants in Austria.

Today, 17 years later, we are proud to be a part of Viennese culinary scene, and hope to be a part of it in years to come.

Who cooks in your restaurant?

It would not be good if we did not have someone from Croatia cooking Croatian food, right?

To make it even better, we do everything, from cooking to serving. Jele is the chef, and nothing goes out of the kitchen without her approval. She could not do it by her own, so she has a small team working with her. Goran does the serving, Svabo does all the background work, am I, well I am a blog writer.

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